Open Mobility Platform

The goal is to create a tool to ease public transport companies the creation of technical specifications. It contains an XSD editor for creating the actual specification XSD and rich-text editors for writing the verbal documentation. It outputs a .docx or .pdf report file.

I am responsible for the web app and the nodejs application server. The web app is written in TypeScript, using React.js and material-ui for the UI components. One aspect was allowing for real-time collaboration in all aspects of the application, which was archived using yjs.

I am working on this project since August 2017 as part of my student assistant job at Fraunhofer FIT.

Technical details

React + Redux Web-App


  • React + Redux + material-ui
  • Realtime synchronization with backend via yjs


  • nodejs application server + Java report generator
  • nginx hosting
  • Docker orchestration


Screenshot of the OMP Project List

Project List

Screenshot of the OMP XSD Editor

XSD Editor Interface